Our Mandate

Support to School Boards and Schools

This support is primarily for the organization of adapted services, the professional and technical means for adapting these services, the use of the best strategies to ensure the help required for the success of students, the guidance for the drawing-up and carrying out of IEPs, the quality of relations with parents, etc. These support measures are undertaken with the intent to create a support network that will promote an ongoing exchange between the various partners of the English sector across the province.

Continuous Professional Development

The intent of continuous professional development is to offer training that focuses on developing the capacity of school personnel to offer adapted services to students with special needs. The intended outcome is for schools to have a level of expertise and autonomy enabling them to deliver quality services to students with handicaps or with learning adaptation difficulties.

Research and Development Activities

Research and development activities aim to develop a body of knowledge and to advance research in this field. These objectives will be attained through the design and the carrying out of specific projects. Necessary means must be taken to keep the English sector informed about innovative projects undertaken and to ensure that they can be adapted and implemented elsewhere.

Contribution To the Development of Provincial Expertise

The service maybe called upon by the MELS to contribute to the development of certain dossiers regarding a particular population served.