Understanding Physical Disabilities


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Disability is part of the human condition. Almost everyone will be temporarily or permanently impaired at some point in life, and those who survive to old age will experience increasing difficulties in functioning. Most extended families have a disabled member, and many non-disabled people take responsibility for supporting and caring for their relatives and friends with disabilities (13). Every epoch has faced the moral and political issue of how best to include and support people with disabilities.” World Report 2011There are many types and degrees of physical disabilities and not all physical disabilities require a wheelchair.
Tips on how to interact with people with physical disabilities:
  • Speak normally and directly to the the person. Don’t speak to the person who is with them.
  • People with physical disabilities often have their own ways of doing things. Ask before you help.
  • Be patient. People will tell you what they need.
  • Don’t touch assistive devices, including wheelchairs, unless it’s an emergency.
  • Tell the person about accessible features in the surrounding area (automatic doors, accessible washrooms, etc.).
  • Remove obstacles and rearrange furniture so they have clear passage.


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