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Sensory processing disorder:

A neurophysiologic condition in which sensory input either from the environment or from one’s body is poorly detected, modulated, or interpreted and/or to which atypical responses are observed. (Miller 2013)


Bibliography for the Sensory Profile

Extreme Sensory Modulation Behaviors in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Making Sense out of Sensory Processing Disorder

Phenotypes within sensory modulation dysfunction

Sensory Integration and Sensory Integration Dysfunction-Alberta Human Services

Sensory Processing Challenges in Children

in French:

Comment les défenses sensorielles peuvent nuire l’attention

Evaluation de la symptomatologie sensorielle des personnes adultes

L’enfant déjoué par ses propre sens

L’intégration sensorielle, qu’est ce que c’est?

L’intégration sensorielle

L’intégration sensorielle pour rejoindre tous les élèves

Le pouvoir de la proprioception

Portail Enfance et Familles

Symptômes communs des déficits d’Intégration Sensorielle

Troubles de Modulation Sensorielle – Gosselin


Sensory processing disorder websites

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Trousse de sensibilisation ophq – French Only


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Guide to Special Needs Teaching

An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Students with Physical Disabilities


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